Modeling Headshots- Travon Hutch

Last week a model came to me looking to update his portfolio with new head shots.  He decided he wanted to do some outdoor and studio head shots.  Well, last week we knocked out the outdoor head shots at a local park and tried a few different looks.  With in the next couple weeks I'll be posting the studio shots too, but for now I hope you enjoy these head shots.

Photos with a Old Friend

My friend and I  went out the other week and did a few photos for her to share with her family.  This shoot was outdoors while the weather was nice.  We shot with mostly natural light and only used lighting minimally to help her pop off the background. For me, this was a fun shoot to do because it was something out of my usual shoots. Bellow are some samples from this shoot.  


A Random Conversation

Today, while I was saying goodbye to a friend of mine a lady, overheard us talking about college.  Her name was Silvia she was an older lady who moved to the United States from Mexico.  She started school and then put it on hold for 10 years for various reasons.  One day she decided to go back to school and finish with multiple degrees.   

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My First Feature

I was recently picked by my professor to be a featured photographer for my community college's spring photo show.  After I was told about being selected as one of the three featured photographers I remembered about another time that my photography work was featured for the college.  In the Fall semester of 2013, I took my first fine art photography class at my college.  This class seemed so abstract and hard for me.  I was  very used to the technical side of photography but the conceptual part was another story.  Towards the end of that class we had a class photo show at Chaffey Community College.  The show turned our great and got a lot of attention, one of the schools on campus newspapers featured an article about the show.  As I get ready to go see the show I am currently featured in, I thought I could share this link to show the work from my classes fine art photo show.   Hope you enjoy, can wait to post photos from the new show. 

Welcome to My New Website.

Hello, and welcome to my new website.  My name is Duane, I am a Southern Californian photographer.  My work includes wedding photography, portraiture, editorial photography, personal/abstract artistic photography.  This site is my online portfolio hosting some of my favorite work and as time goes my new and best work will be added to the site as well.  Photography is my passion and a camera is never far from my hand. This blog will also host images I would like to share to the world, as well as whats going on with Duane Tkatch Photography.  Hope you enjoy thanks for reading!