Benjamin Von Wong- Inspiration

Regardless of what we do,
All of our futures end in the same way,
We begin to die the day we are born,
And we begin to live the day we accept we are going to die
And begin to dying the day we chose to stop living.
You can spend your entire life living or dying.
I’ve chosen to live.

Benjamin Von Wong has been a big inspirational and motivational person for me over the last couple years. When I started studying photography I stumbled upon Von Wong's work and was just amazed by his work.  I think one reason I look up to him and admire his work is because he always wants to outdo himself and create something even more epic.  No matter what the photo shot was he has always been able to get around any challenge and create an amazing piece of art.  What also inspires me about him is his ability to get so many people who he's never met before to come together and collaborate and work towards the same goal, while still having fun during the whole process.   But what inspires me the most is that he gets to do what he loves to do and chooses to live for that. One day I hope I will be as good as him and perhaps even get to meet or work with him someday! 


Who are some of the people who inspire you? What about them inspires you to get better at what you do or to become a better person?