Rules for Success- Steve Jobs Inspiration and Advice


As a small business just starting up there is a never ending list of things to do to help you succeed.  Among many common tasks for new start-ups would include marketing, product design, and targeting, creating demand for your product/service, etc.  The list can go on forever, thankfully we live in the technological age where we can easily search up anything and find some information about that subject.  Recently marketing, budget managing, and connecting with new clients has been a big focus with my start up.  Since I am not a business or marketing/advertising major when I focus on marketing I always search up more information and ideas to help inspire me and give me a new vision on the subject.  This time, I searched up marketing plan on YouTube.  I came across an inspirational/success video from Steve Jobs.  As I take these to heart and think about each one individually I wanted to share them with you so you may also think how these rules or ideas may help you too! 

Steve Jobs 10 Rules for Success

  1. Don't live a limited life- Ignore the status quo and forge your own pat
  2. Have passion- Those who have passion, for what they do are the ones who stick through till the end. 
  3. Design for yourself- Steve talks about the original MAC was designed for him and his friend.  Sometimes designing something for yourself will also be what others want as well.
  4. Don't sell crap- Be known for creating and selling something great. 
  5. Build a great team-  No matter the work a team that shares a similar vision and goals will be the team that succeeds together.
  6. Don't do it for the money- Money isn't everything in the world, do what you love because you love it.  Not because it'll make you rich. 
  7. Be proud of your products- If you are not willing to stand behind you products/services how can you expect others to do so?
  8. Build around customers- Without customers your brand or your business means nothing. Build your brand around the customers you'd love to work with and they will come and become a life long customer. 
  9. Marketing is about values- Marketing what you value helps show your honesty and passion.
  10. Stay hungry stay foolish-  As Steve talks about the beginning of his life and reason for dropping in and out of college, he talks about always learning from experiences no matter how hard it hit him over the head.  Always learn from your mistakes and keep your head up 

While not all of this applies directly to what I searched up, it definitely gives me the inspiration to continue making strides towards my goal.