A Tribute to Our Military, Veterans, and Fallen Soldiers

Lately, I noticed I had been so busy making images for work I failed to make images for myself.  I hadn't made a single image from myself in a month! This was quite bothersome to me because I used to shoot images for myself every day no matter how busy my schedule was.  After noticing that and a friend suggesting we hit the beach, I grabbed my camera and took off with a friend to the beach on the train.  I like taking the train down to LA and riding the subway out there because something about it just helps me feel more creative and gets me in an adventurous mood. Excited as I was we got to Union Station and found the subway we needed to take to get to the beach.  Once we were there I noticed a veteran organization had set up a memorial for the troops we have lost in the ongoing Afghan conflicts.  Touched by this I wanted to take some photos of this great memorial, not only to remember it but also to pay respects to those who gave their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy here in the United States.  I have had so many friends and family serve in the military and can't thank them and everyone else enough for their services. But I would like to share some images with you from the memorial at Santa Monica Piere.