A Ending to a Never Ending Week.

Ever had one of those weeks that seems like it would never end? So many things all happening right after another?  Well, this was my first never-ending week in a little while.  Though all of it was fun, today is a nice chance to relax and catch my breath from a week full of multiple photoshoots, giving guest presentations at my old high school, a wedding and driving over 100 miles ( not that bad of a drive) to see a friend visiting from out of state.  

I can say though taking that drive to meet up with a friend and explore a city that still very new to you is a great way to end a long week and start the new week on a high note.  Of course, I had my camera with me so I made sure to capture a few frames of some of the things I saw while visiting San Diego with my friend. 

Please Enjoy!