Sometimes You Just Have to Stop

At times life can be so demanding it can get overwhelming.  No matter where you are in life it can happen, as a student, as a parent, as a young professional, etc.  This demandingness can get lots of people stressed and cause them to miss out on some of the little moments in life.  Sometimes you just need to stop and take a breath, it just takes a small moment to enjoy things that you might otherwise overlook.

Recently work has been keeping me extra busy with very little down time to myself or to enjoy some of the little things.  Thankfully for me one of my favorite things to enjoy that I consider part of the little things in life is light.  I truly have a never ending obsession and love for light and how beautiful it is.  In my personal project In Search of Light, I show some of the images I have created from taking the time to just stop and see what was around me.  Well, this week I was on a long day of shooting sports and got a brief one hour break to eat and clear my cards before going to another game.  On my way to the car, I noticed the mountains and how beautiful they looked with the sunset and the clouds.  I had to stop for just a moment and take a picture before it faded away (which it did FAST!).  

I hope you all enjoy this view as much as I did (I hope I did it justice) also I hope you all remember to just stop and enjoy the little things around you every now and then.  

Just Stopping for a moment allowed me to enjoy this beautiful sunset with the clouds showcasing the mountains right behind Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga CA.