Got Culture? Chaffey Community College Arts Calander

Chaffey College is a large community college in the Inland Empire in Southern California and is the college I have studied at for the last few years.  Each year we have annual calendar published to announce upcoming art events for the next year.  This year like every other year images is featured from the different artists in the college and from art galleries and performances from the previous year.  This year I was chosen as one of the featured artists.  In the current issue of Got Culture, I have multiple images from several art galleries and performances as well as a mini spread of four images from my Aztec Warrior shoot I did earlier this year.  I was so excited to get a second feature of that series especially to get it published in a magazine that will be on display and handed out to students and guest all year long.  For those who would like to see the magazine just click here and you can see a PDF of it from Chaffey's website.