My First Feature

I was recently picked by my professor to be a featured photographer for my community college's spring photo show.  After I was told about being selected as one of the three featured photographers I remembered about another time that my photography work was featured for the college.  In the Fall semester of 2013, I took my first fine art photography class at my college.  This class seemed so abstract and hard for me.  I was  very used to the technical side of photography but the conceptual part was another story.  Towards the end of that class we had a class photo show at Chaffey Community College.  The show turned our great and got a lot of attention, one of the schools on campus newspapers featured an article about the show.  As I get ready to go see the show I am currently featured in, I thought I could share this link to show the work from my classes fine art photo show.   Hope you enjoy, can wait to post photos from the new show.